Small Steps Can Lead To Big Change

I saw a video recently on YouTube that inspired this article. It was beyond amazing. The link is below, at the end of this article. Watch the video until the very end.

Watching this video got me thinking about how we believe that change is hard, difficult. That in order to effect great change, we must make a big move, take a big step, do something outrageously daring in order for things to happen, in order to shift our lives in a new direction.

So we do nothing because we believe that we have to do something so big and so unfamiliar from the way we normally operate that the thought of doing so scares the beetlejuice out of us. And so we wait. And wait. And wait some more. And nothing gets done, no change happens, no growth occurs because we’re afraid of going where we haven’t been, of taking action, or, rather, taking NEW, unfamiliar, action.

And thus we continue to get what we’ve gotten because we keep doing what we’ve done. Unhappy but too afraid of what that step towards change will look like, we continue to wish and hope while staying with the status quo.

It’s not true. Big change does not require a big step.

If you’ve been reading my newsletter or blog for a while, you know I’m all about being real. In one of my past newsletters, I wrote about stepping up and being the person I want to be now, today. Not next month or next year, but TODAY. Because, in order to have the life that I want, I must BE the person that can have that life.

If you’re familiar with the law of attraction, you know that in it’s simplest form it’s about like attracting like.  The Tracy that has a huge business is NOT the Tracy I am right now. It’s not possible with the me that I am now, but it is possible with the me that will be. (Hmmm…I’m channeling Dr. Seuss, lol). But the amount of growth required for me to become that future me doesn’t have to take 10 years. It can happen quickly, in a quantum leap.

You see, many of us feel that certain things are harder to do than others. We think that it will take a monumental effort to change. But what if that was a lie? What if that was a lie we tell ourselves to keep us from stepping forward into the life we want? That life will be different, it will be unknown. And it is the job of our ego to keep us safe and doing what we’ve always done. That side of ourselves does not like the unknown because it has no control over it.

What if a big monumental effort wasn’t really required at all? What if that one small step led us to the next small step and the next and so on until we are at our destination faster than we ever thought possible?

Energetically, it’s all the same to the universe. My late spiritual mentor used to tell me, “Tracy, it takes as much effort for the universe to form a mountain as it does to create a $10 million business. There is no difference in the amount of energy needed, it’s all the same, regardless of the scope or size of whatever you can imagine. It’s all the same.” And my life experiences have proved this to me over and over again.

So, an astronaut flying to the moon for the first time is considered the same energetically by the universe as the person that has never swam putting that first toe into the ocean. We make it SEEM bigger than it is and take ourselves out of the game. Allowing the fear of what could happen to stop us from the life we truly want.

No longer.

I am drawing a line in the sand. (For you Trekkies, this is when Captain Jean Luc Picard drew his line in the sand, figuratively, against the Borg and said, “This Stops Here!” Love Patrick Stewart!) This putting things off because I think it’s too hard is a load of horse poop and I will not indulge in that mindset anymore.

Here is how I choose to begin: by getting up 45 minutes earlier every morning to practice my own method of radical self love which, for now, is meditating and journaling. Where will this lead? I have no idea. I’m not sure how this next step will take me where I want to go. But I am feeling a persistent, inner urging to become that future me, now, right now, today.

Who are you being called to BE today? And how will you choose to begin that journey? Listen to those inner urgings for they are calling you to that greatness that lies within. That greatness that is calling us to DO, BE, HAVE. That greatness that we try to hide from, try to ignore, because it seems too hard, too difficult, too scary. It really isn’t. Truly. Don’t believe that lie anymore. Try it out. You can always stop and go back to your old ways. But I bet you won’t because once you begin that journey, you’ll realize the truth: that true change doesn’t have to be monumental effort. It just has to be different.

Tomorrow morning, at 3:30am, I’ll be up meditating and journaling and on the road to BEing my future self, today. And, of course, all while wearing lipgloss.

In love, I am

tracy elizabeth

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Scarcity vs Abundance

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Today’s article is about scarcity versus abundance. This is a topic that I think most entrepreneurs are aware of. We’re always reading books, joining/buying programs, listening to teleseminars, and all for the sake of raising our wealth consciousness and vibration/frequency.


To attract clients, opportunities and money into our lives.

I get it. I really do. I’ve been on that treadmill for quite some time, and I’ve made some progress, but not what I would like. And it’s likely that that is the experience a lot of you may have had. Not all of you, but probably a good portion.

But, something happened the other day that, frankly, happens on a daily basis in my home, that I have been blind to. As my awareness increases, things that I never noticed before suddenly begin to stand out and I take notice. Yes, LOL, it’s another lesson from my little babies, Lola and Sophie.

Here’s the scenario: Each day I give Lola and Sophie snacks, divided into their own individual portions of about 2-3 different snacks at one time to choose from.

(Yes, they are spoiled. Sophie’s favorite song is, “I’m a Princess…..and you’re NOT”. Don’t go looking for this song on-line though, as I wrote it myself. Hmmm…maybe I should record it. You never know, it could be a hit!)

LolaBack to our story.

However, in this instance, I realized something. As usual, Lola gobbled hers down pretty quickly and wanted more, which I gave her. Sophie, on the other hand, took her time, chewed thoroughly and then swallowed each bite before proceeding to the next. After eating what she wanted, which was about half of the portion I gave her, she walked away. I offered her more but she wasn’t interested. She was done.

Lola, on the other hand, ran over to the snacks Sophie hadn’t eaten and began to take pieces of snacks and hide them. She hid them in the sofa crevices, under the chair, in their cozy blanky, in their cushy house and wherever she could find a hidey hole.  She was frantic trying to hide all the leftover snacks.

And that’s when it hit me.

Lola was operating from a scarcity mindset. She was anxiously trying to hoard food as if she was never going to eat again, even though that has never been the case.

Sophie was operating from an abundance mindset. She took what she wanted and left the rest. She didn’t try to hoard food because she knew there was more where that came from. All she has to do is make her little groan/wuffle noise and tap my leg (yes, she taps my leg) and food appears. How could she be sure? Because that’s the way it’s always been.

Neither of them has ever starved. They are BOTH given the same food at the same time, but one believes there is not enough and the other believes there’s more than enough.

When I saw this played out in front of me, I realized that all the programs and teleseminars and books I’ve consumed in my quest to change my mindset from one of scarcity to abundance may have been hindering my progress.

Perhaps, instead of taking in more and more information, I should emulate my puppy by taking action and living from a place of abundance rather than reading about it. How can we be abundant without the experience of it? And how can we experience without action? We cannot.

Now, I want you to hear me. I’m not saying run out and rack up credit card debt and say the Universe is abundant and then expect money to fall out of the sky. It doesn’t work that way, sadly.

What I am saying is follow your inner promptings which will lead you to experience abundance in its many forms. (I know you know what that means.)  This will, in turn, raise your abundance threshold so that more and more abundance can show up for you.

So, what I decided to do was to STOP hoarding things (like my sweet Lola) and create space, an opening where abundance can come in (like my sweet Sophie) because I had no room for it to come in. You see, I believe by collecting (hoarding) I was telling the Universe I had enough, there’s no room here, just walk on by.

To show my unmistakable intentions, I have been clearing out my stuff, and boy, do I have a lot of it, beginning with my shoes. With over 300 pairs of (mostly Italian) shoes, some I have never even worn, it’s time to show the Universe that I mean business. I’ve started by putting my shoes on auction on eBay. I’ll be sad to see them go, truly sad, but it’s time to clear out the stuff so that I can make way for new to come in. After all, clutter doesn’t just take up physical space in our homes, it also takes up mental space in our brains, preventing us from seeing what’s right in front of our eyes.

(I will be posting the auctions on my Facebook page, so if you’re interested in scoring some shoes and other goodies at a great price, like my page so that you can be notified when I post new auctions.

Next, I am putting away my books and recordings and programs and I’m going to go out and start creating more abundance by following my guidance and experiencing it, first hand, in whatever form it takes. I am stepping out in faith and taking action. And, if your guidance directs you to, I invite you to do the same.

In love, I am

tracy elizabeth