Do You Hear Voices?

This thought popped into my head this morning as I was walking to work and inspired this article. As I toyed with this idea, I began to wonder how differently would my life, and your life, be if we listened to the voice in our head.

Not the voice that says you can’t be, do or accomplish anything. Not the voice that berates you for mistakes made, past or present. Not the voice of negativity–we’ve all heard enough from that voice.

No, I’m talking about the voice of possibility. The voice that says, hey, call that person. Or, hey, apply for that job. Or, hey, how about stopping into this store for yogurt. We pooh-pooh and ignore that voice. I don’t have time to talk to that person. I’ll never get that job. I don’t want any yogurt right now, thank you. And then, that evening, you feel like having yogurt. But you have none because you didn’t listen to the voice. Or, you hear from someone else that the person you were meant to call offered them an opportunity that you would have loved to have. And that job you didn’t apply for because you didn’t think you would get it? Well, it went to a colleague who you know is not as qualified as you are.

All of these scenarios are familiar to us because in some form or another, it has happened to us. We can all recall a time when we thought, “I knew I should have done x, y or z!” But we didn’t. We allowed “logic” to tell us why we shouldn’t listen to that voice. 

The Universe doesn’t work “logically.” Sometimes, nothing, or seemingly nothing comes of an action we take that was prompted by our Soul. Because taking that action doesn’t immediately result in having x or the opportunity arising immediately, we learn to ignore that voice or discount it.

Let’s stop doing that, shall we?

The Universe, if we allow it, will orchestrate our lives in a delightful, magical manner. But we have to trust. And that trust begins by listening to the voice in your head.

(Again, I’m not saying listen to the voice of negativity. Or, if you happen to be psychotic, please get medical help. Quickly.)

There is nothing to lose by following the leads we get. Sometimes, yes, it’s not convenient. Who am I kidding? Many times, it’s not convenient. But I have found whenever I do what is not convenient, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when the miraculous appears and circumstances unfold that I could never have arranged even if I could conceive of all the moving parts necessary to bring it to pass.

We live in a benevolent Universe. A loving Universe that wants the best for us in every moment. (But, Tracy, you say, many of my experiences have not been beneveolent or loving. I get it, but that’s another article.) And that best comes from listening and taking action on what you’re given. If you were to consistently follow your inner guidance and take action immediately, I know for certain you would not recognize your life in a year. It would be beyond your wildest imaginings. In a good way.

So the next time that voice whispers, listen. Listen to it. And take action. Again. And again. And again. And watch what unfolds.

Here is a mantra that I say to myself every day, many times a day:

“The Universe conspires on my behalf in every moment.”

I encourage you to adopt it and see if your perspective doesn’t change for the better.

In love, I am

tracy elizabeth


All Roads Lead To God

In my quest to find answers, answers to the questions, “why am I here?” and “this can’t be all there is, can it?”,  I went down many paths:

  • Churches of varying denominations
  • Healers
  • Psychics
  • Spiritualists
  • Metaphysical books
  • Seminars
  • Programs

But, I wasn’t finding the answers I sought.  It was frustrating because I spent 10 years relentlessly seeking yet my outer circumstances barely changed. I was still, essentially, the same person.  Sure, I was more thoughtful but I wasn’t much happier.  Not as much as I thought I would be after 10 years of absorbing spiritual material and working with healers.

Then one day I had a realization.  I had been traveling down this path, this road, seeking God/Universe/Source/call it what you will.  But, it was always outside of me.  I thought the answers were out there.  In reality, the answers were inside of me all along.

Once I began to be still, journal and hear what my heart was saying, I realized I always knew the answers–I just hadn’t been listening.

Do I still read books, see healers, listen to seminars?  Yes.  Yes, I do.  But, the difference now is that I seek the answer within, first.

  • Will this enlighten me?
  • Will this move me forward?
  • Is this the next, best, step for me?

And, depending on the answer I receive, I join that program.  Or not.  I work with that healer.  Or not.  I listen to that seminar.  Or not.

For me, and I daresay for many of you, all roads do lead to God/Universe/Source.  After exhausting ourselves looking out there, walking down various paths for answers, we realize that all of the paths we’ve taken have led us back inwardly to our truth and to ourselves.

So, set up a daily practice to get into the habit of looking within.  For me, it is prayer, journaling and automatic writing.  For others, it could be meditation, sitting in nature or any of a dozen other methods.  Whatever speaks to you, try it.  And then get into the habit of daily practice, first thing in the morning.  I have found that doing so helps me to stay centered throughout the day and also allows me to pay attention to the little nudges and guidance that I would otherwise miss.

Thank you so much for reading.

In love, I am

tracy elizabeth

How Did We Get Here?

In my journey to become self-realized, I have come across many spiritual doctrines.  The most popular one being “we are here to learn lessons.”

I bought into this for a while, but it never felt quite right.  Something within me, that same something that I call my higher-self, kept saying, UH UH, umm, NO!  But I thought, well, these spiritual teachers and gurus surely know more than I do.  They’ve been on the path for decades!

But one thing I have learned is to listen to that voice and to TRUST that feeling I get when something feels not-quite-right.  I have learned, by making many mistakes and not trusting, that I must look within.  My higher-self has never been wrong, though at times I thought it was.  Those instances, upon reflection, I realized were not initiated from my higher-self.  (It takes practice to discern the difference, so make sure to read my 3 tips on listening to your inner guidance here, here and here.)

Here is what my higher-self has told me and what I have come to know:  I am, you are, everyone is an individual manifestation of God.

Get ready.

We ARE God, in human form.  Yep!  That’s what I know.  There is no doubt within me regarding this.  None whatsoever.  You can agree or disagree.  You have that right.  (If you disagree, stop reading right now or you’ll just get more upset/angry/pissed off at the rest of this article.  Just sayin’.)

And so, as individualized aspects of God, we KNOW everything there is to know.  There are no lessons to learn.  What could we learn that we don’t already know?  NOTHING.  Thinking that we have lessons to learn will keep us experiencing, guess what?  More lessons!

Think about it.  You Are All There Is.  There is NOTHING that is not YOU.  How could you not know everything?

Really, let that sink in.

But, Tracy, you protest, I don’t know everything.  Of course you do.  You just don’t remember that you know everything.

Let’s say, no let’s not say.  Here it is straight out:  you are pure thought, pure love, pure consciousness.  There is naught but you.  You Are All There Is.  And as you exist for millennia, you contemplate yourself for what else is there to contemplate?  You Are All There Is.

And then, at some point, you decide you want to experience yourself from a different perspective.  From outside of yourself, apart from yourself.  But how can you, when nothing else exists outside of you?

So, you cause yourself to forget the truth of who you are.  Doing so will enable you to learn about yourself from a different perspective.

But, even better, why not give yourself choices?  Why live in Stepfordville knowing only one option?  You can’t really know yourself if you only have one option of living.  Well, you could, but it would get boring fast, with only one way to experience everything.

So, you create duality.  Contrast.  Up. Down.  Right.  Left.  Hot. Cold.  Good.  Bad.  Oh boy, we’re in for a wild ride now!

And, as you are God, you don’t limit yourself.  You can have whatever you can conceive of.  Nothing is off limits.  You have free will.  Whatever you choose to believe will be delivered to you without judgment.   How can you experience the totality of yourself if you limit what you can experience?

You cannot.

After all, this is your playground.  It’s not real.  (It feels real, to be sure.  That’s part of the experience.)  It’s a way to create new experiences and to FEEL  the emotions of those experiences:  happiness, sadness, boredom, love, hate, fear, grief, you name it.  These are emotions that are meant to be felt and lived and they pass through making way for the next experience and emotion.  God knew that this was his playground, that these lives were illusion.  And that each life was an experience unto itself.

After all, God (We) are eternal.  Our souls are eternal and have no fear.  None.  Our souls never die.  Never. Ever.

But somewhere along the line things got skewed.  And rather than being the creators (of experience) that we are, we decided emotions were bad, that life was hard and to be endured and, if we were lucky, we ascended to a heavenly plane when we passed on.  But only if we were very, very, very good.

We decided that we had no power and that we were at the mercy of forces outside of ourselves.  Blaming circumstances, people, the government, religion, we kept ourselves a prisoner of our own making.

We gave it away, our power.  And so we spend years, decades, lifetimes experiencing “lessons” over and over and over again.  Because, as I mentioned earlier, the Universe does not judge.  And if you want to learn lessons, then lessons you shall learn.  And if you want to learn those lessons through hate, fear, pain, illness, poverty, then you shall learn that way as well.

I have chosen to reclaim my power.  I have chosen to FEEL each and every emotion in that moment and allow it to pass through me.  I have chosen, from this point forward, to create my life experiences with ease and joy.  And grace.  I have chosen to stop learning lessons and start living my life the way it was meant to be lived.

It doesn’t have to be hard.  It starts with a choice.  A deliberate choice with action behind it.

Decide.  Decide, today, that you will no longer settle for unecessary struggle and pain and lessons to learn.  You are the creator of your life experiences.  You and only You can decide the life you want.  Don’t settle for a life lived by default, a life determined by others and circumstances.  Remember, not choosing IS a choice.  What have you got to lose?

I’m choosing a grab the brass ring, pie in the sky, love and joy filled life.  It won’t always be rainbows and unicorns, but it will be infinitely better than a life lived by default.

What will you choose?

In love, I am

tracy elizabeth

Scarcity vs Abundance

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Today’s article is about scarcity versus abundance. This is a topic that I think most entrepreneurs are aware of. We’re always reading books, joining/buying programs, listening to teleseminars, and all for the sake of raising our wealth consciousness and vibration/frequency.


To attract clients, opportunities and money into our lives.

I get it. I really do. I’ve been on that treadmill for quite some time, and I’ve made some progress, but not what I would like. And it’s likely that that is the experience a lot of you may have had. Not all of you, but probably a good portion.

But, something happened the other day that, frankly, happens on a daily basis in my home, that I have been blind to. As my awareness increases, things that I never noticed before suddenly begin to stand out and I take notice. Yes, LOL, it’s another lesson from my little babies, Lola and Sophie.

Here’s the scenario: Each day I give Lola and Sophie snacks, divided into their own individual portions of about 2-3 different snacks at one time to choose from.

(Yes, they are spoiled. Sophie’s favorite song is, “I’m a Princess…..and you’re NOT”. Don’t go looking for this song on-line though, as I wrote it myself. Hmmm…maybe I should record it. You never know, it could be a hit!)

LolaBack to our story.

However, in this instance, I realized something. As usual, Lola gobbled hers down pretty quickly and wanted more, which I gave her. Sophie, on the other hand, took her time, chewed thoroughly and then swallowed each bite before proceeding to the next. After eating what she wanted, which was about half of the portion I gave her, she walked away. I offered her more but she wasn’t interested. She was done.

Lola, on the other hand, ran over to the snacks Sophie hadn’t eaten and began to take pieces of snacks and hide them. She hid them in the sofa crevices, under the chair, in their cozy blanky, in their cushy house and wherever she could find a hidey hole.  She was frantic trying to hide all the leftover snacks.

And that’s when it hit me.

Lola was operating from a scarcity mindset. She was anxiously trying to hoard food as if she was never going to eat again, even though that has never been the case.

Sophie was operating from an abundance mindset. She took what she wanted and left the rest. She didn’t try to hoard food because she knew there was more where that came from. All she has to do is make her little groan/wuffle noise and tap my leg (yes, she taps my leg) and food appears. How could she be sure? Because that’s the way it’s always been.

Neither of them has ever starved. They are BOTH given the same food at the same time, but one believes there is not enough and the other believes there’s more than enough.

When I saw this played out in front of me, I realized that all the programs and teleseminars and books I’ve consumed in my quest to change my mindset from one of scarcity to abundance may have been hindering my progress.

Perhaps, instead of taking in more and more information, I should emulate my puppy by taking action and living from a place of abundance rather than reading about it. How can we be abundant without the experience of it? And how can we experience without action? We cannot.

Now, I want you to hear me. I’m not saying run out and rack up credit card debt and say the Universe is abundant and then expect money to fall out of the sky. It doesn’t work that way, sadly.

What I am saying is follow your inner promptings which will lead you to experience abundance in its many forms. (I know you know what that means.)  This will, in turn, raise your abundance threshold so that more and more abundance can show up for you.

So, what I decided to do was to STOP hoarding things (like my sweet Lola) and create space, an opening where abundance can come in (like my sweet Sophie) because I had no room for it to come in. You see, I believe by collecting (hoarding) I was telling the Universe I had enough, there’s no room here, just walk on by.

To show my unmistakable intentions, I have been clearing out my stuff, and boy, do I have a lot of it, beginning with my shoes. With over 300 pairs of (mostly Italian) shoes, some I have never even worn, it’s time to show the Universe that I mean business. I’ve started by putting my shoes on auction on eBay. I’ll be sad to see them go, truly sad, but it’s time to clear out the stuff so that I can make way for new to come in. After all, clutter doesn’t just take up physical space in our homes, it also takes up mental space in our brains, preventing us from seeing what’s right in front of our eyes.

(I will be posting the auctions on my Facebook page, so if you’re interested in scoring some shoes and other goodies at a great price, like my page so that you can be notified when I post new auctions.

Next, I am putting away my books and recordings and programs and I’m going to go out and start creating more abundance by following my guidance and experiencing it, first hand, in whatever form it takes. I am stepping out in faith and taking action. And, if your guidance directs you to, I invite you to do the same.

In love, I am

tracy elizabeth

I. T. R. T.

May 3, 2013

Hello everyone!  And Howdy to my newest subscribers.  Welcome!

We are back to our regularly scheduled newsletter, LOL.  Though I may change it back to Tuesdays.  I’m not sure yet.  But, unless something is happening that I gotta share with you right away, you’ll usually hear from me once a week.

I’ve added in a gallery of pictures of my jewelry on my site,, so take a look, drop me a line and let me know what you think. I’ll regularly update it with new pieces as I make them.  (A HUGE solid, natural turquoise piece that is easily 600+ carats and a GORGEOUS Lapis and pyrite piece are two that come to mind that I need to photograph. They’re stunning!) I really do want to hear from you all, so don’t be shy! 

Lots of happenings going on at Tracy Elizabeth & Co.  As you may have noticed, I am The Soul Seer.  Yes, higher-self whispered that to  me the other day and I am all about listening to guidance and taking action, plus, I love it!

What is a Seer?  Well, Merriam-Webster defines a Seer as  “a person credited with extraordinary moral and spiritual insight” and that would be spot on.  I look into your Soul’s past life history to get the scoop on what happened many lifetimes ago and see how that is affecting you today. 

I’ll give you an example. 

Let’s say Stephanie (fictional) prefers her own company and would rather be alone most times.  She has very few friends and stays home a lot.  She gets lonely on occasion, but has a difficult time connecting with people.  In the few relationships she has (parental, mostly), she feels like she has been taken for granted and not appreciated.

If I looked into Stephanie’s past lives, I would likely find that in one or more of her lifetimes she was given a lot of unwanted responsibility.  She probably became a family caregiver at a young age, or was made to marry someone she didn’t want to marry in order to secure the family’s financial security.  These lives can go back centuries and oftentimes back then, marriages were arranged or people went into a religious order because that’s all that was available.  Opportunities like choosing and getting a job you liked, having your own business, becoming a hairdresser or a dog groomer, for example, weren’t available.  And you had to think about your family first.  What would benefit the entire family, sometimes at the cost of your personal happiness.

So, now, many lifetimes later, Stephanie wants to be alone but quietly longs for companionship.  She can’t make it happen and doesn’t know why. 

And that’s why I love being psychic and being able to delve into a person’s past lives.  Because, how would you know this?  What happened in the past is an energetic blockage, congealed energy in Stephanie’s energy body that will continue to influence her life. 

But, if Stephanie had an Akashic Reading, well then, all this could be brought to light, that blocked energy released, and her life would change.  Stephanie becomes empowered by the knowledge she is given and is able to make new choices to change her life.  How fab is that?

I LOVE what I do.  I help change lives.  WooHoo!

This is just one aspect of how an Akashic Reading can transform your life.  I can apply it to a business you would like to create based on your soul’s purpose, issues surrounding your home and property, or behavioral issues your children (or spouse, ha!) are having.  We are all multi-faceted soul’s and there is no one size fits all with Akashic Readings.  I do hope you all enjoyed this glimpse into what I do.  

P.S., I’ll be creating a blog on my site in the next few days so that you guys can interact with me.  And creating a special audio you can download for F*R*E*E.  Who doesn’t like F*R*E*E stuff??  So, stop by often to see what’s new.  So many changes coming.  WooHoo!

Don’t forget to read this week’s article, below!

I. T. R. T.

Did I come across as cryptic, with just letters in the subject line? Tee hee.

I mentioned above, lots of new happenings going on at Tracy Elizabeth & Co.  And with the new, oftentimes comes, well, your stuff.  YOUR STUFF!!  You know, the “i’m not good enough,” “who do I think I am,” “do I really know what I’m doing.”  Stuff.  Those old thoughts and stories that keep us doing the same old, same old.  The thoughts we think over and over again and again until we believe it.  Until we believe it is Truth.  IT IS NOT!

It can be debilitating.  Causing us to stop in our tracks and, back pedal our way to our old ways of thinking, our old habits.  They are comfortable.  Like old friends.  We don’t necessarily like ’em, but they are what we know.  And so, back to the same old, same old.  Not particularly happy but safer, less scary, than the unknown.

And so, the other day I found myself in the midst of MY STUFF.  With all the new things, changes, programs I am beginning to implement, it was inevitable these thoughts would come up.  And I dealt with them.  I knew it was “little me” which is what I call my ego. 

(By the way, I don’t vilify my ego.  It serves a purpose.  It’s just gotten a little too big for its britches.  I may do an article on this in the future. hmmmm..) 

And so, out came one of my weapons:  Tapping.  And I tapped as I spoke to little me.  I told it “I know you’re scared.  Things are changing.  We are changing.  And it’s going to happen even while you’re kicking and screaming.  But I love you.  I love you, little me.  You are me.”  And each time little me pitched a fit, I spoke lovingly to myself, lol.  (I sound nuts!)  But self-love is a big part of becoming whole.  And accepting all of ourselves, even the parts we’re not crazy about, is when the big changes take place.  When quantum leaps happen.

And it worked.  For a while.  But little me was insistent and not giving up without a fight.  And so, the other day, I found myself bawling my eyes out.  Sobbing as if my heart were breaking for about half an hour.

And I allowed it to happen without judgment.  I cried and cried until there were no more tears left.  And then I blew my nose, went to my desk, and began to write.

I listed all the thoughts, all the stories, I was telling myself.  I can’t do it, Who am I, This is too hard, etc.  And under each line I wrote:   

Is That Really True?  (or I.T.R.T.)

After I finished the list, well, you can never really be finished.  Your stuff will come up every time you’re close to a breakthrough.  But, after I completed the list, for now, I went back to Is That Really True and I thought about each thought, each story.  And then I wrote down if it was true or not and supporting reasons why it was or wasn’t true.  And what I discovered was 99% of it wasn’t true.  That 1% was sorta, maybe, partly true.  But most wasn’t even remotely true. 

I couldn’t dispute the supporting reasons.  They were FACTS.  Little me cannot argue with facts.  It either happened or it didn’t happen. 

I began to feel calmer.  More connected to truth and more confident.  More, aligned.  And I review this list and the facts, each day, taking it in, absorbing it and feeling the TRUTH of it in my bones.  In my being.

So, I say, the heck with crazy, nonsensical, limiting beliefs and stories that we believe make us feel safe.  Throw off that cloak of false security that keeps us from moving forward, shine a spotlight on those stories, write ’em down, and ask yourself, IS THAT REALLY TRUE?  And then get ready for your breakthrough.

In love, I am

tracy elizabeth 

(P.S., Part II of Are You Listening To That Inner Voice will arrive in your inbox next week.)