Investing in an Akashic Record reading with Tracy Roman was an incredible investment and gave me priceless value.  I received clarity, affirmation of who I am and got inner insight that allows me to honor myself at a deeper level.  I understand now the dynamic and deeper meaning of the relationships in my life and a direct formula of how to heal the past and make stronger onnections in the present.  I would highly recommend a reading with Tracy as it will enhance every area of your life.

Rebecca Matias –

Tracy did my soul reading.  I knew when she was preparing the information and during that time I have sensed subtle direction changes in my life and renewed energy descending upon me.  When she did my reading, I was totally blown away by what she said.  Her energy was calm and healing and I am so glad this was done for me.  The truth shall set me free now thanks to her.  She is truly gifted!

Teresa Boyle – New York

Thank you for the beautiful earrings you made for me.  The stones (Pink Amethyst, African Amethyst, Lemon Quartz and Peridot) work so well together and look beautiful and compliment my skin tone.   They are very special to me as they were made just for me.  I have received many compliments on them and feel very special when I wear them.  Tracy, you are truly talented and blessed with a gift and I feel extremely privileged that I have had the opportunity to own a pair of your beautiful earrings.  I look forward to more things to come!

Stella Siebert – New York

I have known Tracy for a little over 3 years and have known her as an extremely gifted jewelry designer. But, I was so pleased this year to see Tracy really step into her brilliance as an energy healer and a conduit for divine love.  I have had several calls with Tracy- in which she helped me iron out things that were going on in my home, keeping the energy stuck and keeping us from moving forward.  She helped clear my personal energy through a very thorough reading of my Akashic records.  And, she has sent me remote healing when I needed it.  Tracy is exceptionally gifted and very well connected to Source.  I feel so blessed to have had the experience of unraveling my true self through her guidance!

Annmarie Cantrell –

I had Tracy make me a nice amethyst necklace, because I love her work, the way she puts it all together, and I love the amethyst. Ever since I have been wearing it, I feel not only beautiful in it, which itself is a miracle for me, I also feel extra clarity and more self acceptance and love, there is some magic in these stones, but I think it is Tracy’s love and healing hands which created this protection of clarity and self love for me. Thank you Tracy, for creating for me such a beautiful and healing necklace. Keep up the good works!

Tania Perrin – New York

I bought a lovely pair of gold wire wrapped pink amethyst earrings from Tracy. The stones are beautiful and the workmanship is perfect. I love wearing them because I get lots of compliments when I wear them. They make me feel very feminine and sexy and as she made them for me, they are unique. They are also lightweight and comfortable. Thank you, Tracy

Noelia Gomez – New York

Video Testimonial by Ekayani Chamberlin –


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